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Chief Francis M. DePaul

Deputy Chief Pat DePaul, III 

Assistant Chief William David

Assistant Chief Keith Schwartz 

Assistant Chief David Brierley 

Battalion Chief James Sweeney, Jr.

Captain 82 Robert Krandel

Lieutenant 82 John Geliebter

Lieutenant 82-1 Zachary Clark



Chief Engineer James Calhoun

Assistant Engineer Daniel Bennett 


Working Force 

Daniel Bennett

Barry Blum*

David Brierley

Cody Brockmeyer 

Ed Brower*

James Calhoun*

Zachary Clark

Carlos Couto 

Richard Coyne

William David*

Francis M. DePaul*

Pat DePaul, III*

Edward Dingley Jr. 

Bryan Dingley 

Robert E. Dolan*

Patrick Dolan

John R. Fleming, III*

JJ Francis 

Charles Frank

Ryan Fuehrer

John Geliebter

Rob Harris

Mark G. Hopkins*

Robert J. Krandel

Kevin Letkiewicz

James Salyer*

Keith Schwartz*

James Sweeney, Jr.*

Chris Tilstra


                                          *life member

Business Officers

President James Calhoun

Vice President Robert Krandel

Financial Secretary John R. Fleming, III

Treasurer James Salyer

Recording Secretary Michele Gamburg

Director John Geliebter  

Director Daniel Bennett

Director David Brierley

Director Robert Dolan

Director JJ Francis 


Recently Deceased

Life Members 

John Downey 

Christopher Garoppo 

Thomas E. Donofry 

Joseph E. Donofry 

George B. Kerper, Jr. 

Andrew McGlade 

John F. Primus 


Inactive Life Members

Pasquale S. DePaul

Sam Fulginiti

Joseph W. Hens

James A. Marlin, Jr. 

William McLaughlin

John J. Miller

Joseph W. O'Neil

Frank Roma

Henry A. Ross

Jim Sarsfield 

Thomas M. Sullivan

Joseph C. Thomas

Barbara D. Zwicker

Ken Beerger 

Michael A. Grove 

Edward Welch 

Want to serve your community as a Volunteer Fire Fighter? 


Stop by the Station on a Monday night at 7:00 pm and find out how you can join our ranks!


No experience necessary, just the desire to serve your community. 

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